Start the meeting immediately
from anywhere in the world.

Cloud type Web meeting system
"Saas Board"

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What is
Web meeting system "SaasBoard"?

Web meeting
whenever and whomever.

No troublesome installation is needed.
Just invite the members to the meeting room by e-mail. The members can log in from their browser. Join Web/ TV conference from out of the office, from home.

Safe and Secure
enhanced security function

Data encryption, access control, information delete function. Also, the service is on Japanese major IDC server which has a high operation rate. "Never leave, never leak, never stop" Web/ TV conference.

Multi OS,
multi-browser support

Available from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android as well. Web collaboration immediately with people all over the world without being restricted by PC conditions.

The three main functions

Video meeting

Smooth meeting with high image quality and high sound quality are not affected by the network environment.

Sharing materials

Things that are hard to explain by words can be conveyed visually with shared materials.

Remote Desktop

You can also edit shared materials on both sides while watching the same screen, presentation, image description.

Choose the course fit your business


User license type.
The number of conference rooms is unlimited. Web collaboration is possible with anyone in the world.


Conference room license type.
The number of registration of conference holder is Unlimited. You can choose the plan by the maximum number of participants.

Time-lending Web conference

Web conference room that can be used in units of time.
For users who want to use only this time on this day, you can use Web conference rooms of various sizes in hours/days.

Certain technical strength and quality

Various awards by the Japanese government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and public corporations tell our technical strength and quality.

Customer feedback

"We could realize web interview with customers using mobile devices, and established the alternatives way of communication to the telephone."

Mr.Nishino from Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd.

"Brainstorming with shared diagrams and images could save even the energy for moving."

Mr.Watanabe from Waseda University Research Initiatives

"By using SaasBoard, we could increase the number of classes and allow excellent lecturers from all over the country to join the classes."

Mr.Asaka from GraceAcademy

"SaasBoard contributes to university conferences with easy operation, high-quality video and audio, and various PC environments support."

Mr.Kumada from Jichi Medical University

"Very helpful service. Thanks to it, we can offer a better quality consulting."

Mr.koyano from Saitama Solutions Co.,Ltd.

"Solving the lack of communication that we could not follow up with e-mail."

Mr.Kosumi from MEDIA TECH INC.

Usage in each industry

Branch office meeting

Education · Seminar


Inside Sales ·
Sales support

Personnel interview support

Call center
Contact center


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