Web meeting | Why SaasBoard?

Why SaasBoard?

1. Installation free. Easy to start.


You can start web meetings immediately just opening the URL on your browser. There is no need to install new software because this system is on SaaS/ASP. You can hold and participate in meetings from anywhere by your laptop with an internet connection. Not to mention between head office and branches, you can hold web meetings and video conferences to surely convey information from anywhere – out of office, home and cafe – and with anyone anytime.

2. Lowest price among other companies. Zero initial expenses. Fixed flat-rate!


Our company achieved huge cost-reduction by teleworking. SaasBoard is less than half price of other companies’ web meeting systems – Collabo course is 2,980 yen/month per user, and Room course is 3,000 yen/month per simultaneous connection. Besides, the initial expense is 0 yen forever and the monthly fee is fixed no matter how much you use. We’ve got good reviews like this: ‘Even though it’s low priced, it has many functions and easy to use.’, ‘SaasBoard made us work more efficiently with satisfactory functions.’

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3. There are ID type and Room type. Fit to any industries.


ID license type (SaasBoard/Collabo): users can collaborate with each other freely. Meeting room license type (SaasBoard/Room): the meeting owner can run and manage the meeting collectively. You can choose from these two services following the IT policy of your company. Of course, the security is perfect.

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4. The web meeting without operation = ultimate usability


You don’t need any operation after entering the meeting room! “What does it mean?” it means… if you use ‘presenter mode’, the screen of all participants synchronize completely, and the presenter can manipulate it. So the participants can join the meeting by just watching the screen. The troublesome training and skill are unnecessary. Therefore you can invite people who are beginners in web meetings, and outside of the company. And it spread rapidly in the company.

5. Also available by iPhone and Android


SaasBoard can be used by smartphone and tablet. The application is free. So you can join the meeting from out of office and home. You can also upload images which you take with the smartphone in the fields immediately to the meeting and share with other participants. Press talk function cut the outside noises.

6. The world-level security and high operation rate


Our server is set in the iDC (data center) which is a high-quality big company (ISO9001/ISMS Certified).
We assure many optimized routes and as make internet connection directly to main IX and big ISP. Thus we promise fast and secure access. Transmission can use two systems of BCP, so it won’t stop even at the time of disaster. We provide high-security and high-reliable services. Our company’s cloud service has kept very stable operation rate – 99.98% – for 4 years in average, which is higher than US government’s cloud service procurement standard – 99.95% – and as stable as cloud server of Google and Amazon.

7. The world’s most advanced technology


We use various world’s most advanced techniques such as HTML5, Java, Speex, H.264. Our company actively employ engineers with doctorate. We produce new services and products with our doctor engineers’ creative technology and implement advanced technology of the Mitou project by Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA)which forge the future of the IT society.

8. Highly evaluated from a third party including the government awards


We have received awards and got certified from various public institutions including Japanese government, Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center, The Resona Foundation For Small And Medium Enterprise Promotion, CSAJ, ASPIC, and JISA. It is proof of continuing providing certain technology and services to enrich the future.

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