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Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd.

Mr. Nishino Rui,
System Department

“Realize the web meeting with customers on mobile devices. Established the new way of communication instead of telephone.”

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
There are occasions in our services that our staff go to visit the customers’ house. We used to go with a manager, and if the manager can’t attend the visit we used a telephone to talk with customers. But SaasBoard enabled managers to talk with customers on web meetings. SaasBoard saved managers time.

How does SaasBoard benefit your activities?
We started using SaasBoard in December 2016 and we have held Web meetings more than 350 times as of March 2017. SaasBoard made it easier for managers to arrange the schedule and thus we can work more efficiently. We can make face-to-face meetings with our customers so we need fewer telephone calls.

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
1. High-quality web meetings
We tried other company’s web meeting system too, but the sounds were sometimes cracked and connection often broke. SaasBoard has no problem with that and we could use stable. There are some places to visit where the internet is unstable, so the quality was an important point to choose.
2. Easy to start
We could start to use SaasBoard with only some settings on devices. No need to build a server because it’s a cloud service.
3. Good usability
It is easy to use even for people who are not good at using a computer. You don’t need any complex operation. Just open the SaasBoard and click a button and you can start a Web meeting.


Mr. Kanagawa Takashi
Executive Director
Chief of Rental hall and training program Department

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
Our company contributes to the prosperity of accounting firms by running financial and tax system, IT support site, shopping site, etc. We are aiming for a department store for accounting firms that everything accounting firms need is available. We started to use SaasBoard in our rental meeting room business and provide the new service which customer can hold the remote meeting from our rental meeting room. We use SaasBoard for internal use too. We have 13 bases (sales office) and hold Web meetings between offices and departments.

How does SaasBoard benefit your activities?
For internal use, the communication between our staff became more often through Web meeting system SaasBard. We used to meet staffs in branch offices only a few times a year, but now we can talk with them several times in a month through SaasBoard. And it is very efficient to have meetings with some staffs including staffs in branch offices and to make sure everyone is on the same page by using shared documents. It is difficult to do via e-mail or telephone. And the new service that “the rental meeting room with Web meeting system” is popular among customers who have branch offices all over Japan. Also “with Web meeting system SaasBoard” seems a good appeal point.

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
The more staffs are using SaasBoard compare to previous web meeting services because SaasBoard is very easy to use even for people who use it for the first time. As we use it for the rental meeting room service, usability was the most important point.

Jichi Medical University

Mr. Masaki Kumada,
Department for Project to Promote Community-Based Medicine

“SaasBoard fits our needs for easy operations, high-quality video and audio, and solution to our heterogeneous PC environment in academic meetings and conferences.”

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
Our department at Jichi Medical University was established as an endowed chair relating to community-based medicine, and we work at local hospitals. We use SaasBoard to participate in a weekly meeting and conferences which are held at the main campus.

How does SaasBoard benefit your activities?
SaasBoard is especially useful because of its desktop sharing feature that enables us to easily share other participants’ PC screens, because most of our meetings and conferences involve presentations on a computer screen running PowerPoint, etc. SaasBoard is so easy to use that even first-time users can operate without the manual. While using SaasBoard, we rarely experience any delay in video and audio, and our meetings proceed quite smoothly.

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
Our criteria were:
– Fixed rate.
– A heterogeneous PC environment is supported.
– Desktop sharing capability.

Because of its flat fee, we don’t have to worry about additional charges for incremental use and we can continue our discussions as long as we need. Quite a few of us are Mac users, and support for multiple OS is a crucial element. We started to explore the best solution from among similar services from different providers several years ago. We visited their websites to see if any of the services match our needs. Neuronet seemed the only vendor who provides detailed and comprehensive information. We concluded that SaasBoard satisfies all our criteria at a low price.


Mr. Hiroaki Asaka,
Head of GRACE ACADEMY Head of Mirai Juku and Chief of Net Academy
An introductory video about online classrooms.

“SaasBoard helped us create “virtual” classrooms and attract highly qualified tutors from all over the country.”

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
We opened an online classroom called the “Net Academy” for trial purposes in March 2011, aiming to expand it across Japan in the future. Currently, we teach 60 elementary or junior high students through 20 courses using SaasBoard to complement on-site group, tutoring classes.

Recently many jukus provide video-on-demand e-Learning programs across Japan. The statistics, however, shows that such programs tend to undermine the motivation of students due to lack of a sense of reality and intensity, resulting in most jukus to withdraw from such initiatives. Our approach is to give students homework assignments through video-on-demand and in pdf forms and provide live online lessons, using SaasBoard, to give correct answers and explanation to the assignments. SaasBoard has helped us implement a time-efficient learning system and give students fulfilling home learning experiences.

How does SaasBoard benefit your business?
We mainly operate in Gunma Prefecture, and we have only five classrooms per site where no additional classrooms are available, making it difficult for us to provide additional courses. With SaasBoard, we are able to add as many as “classrooms” and hire highly qualified tutors from outside of Gunma who can tutor from where they live through the Internet. Traditionally, hiring competent tutors who can teach senior high school level courses have been very difficult for us, and SaasBoard greatly helps us address this challenge.
Our advertising slogan is “Super teachers coming through the Internet.”

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
We have used four TV conferencing tools in total including Skype Business, and SaasBoard offers the most diverse functions with high performance. It was good enough to convince us to trust it to realize an online juku tutoring system. The advantages of SaasBoard are the excellent video quality that enables the clear vision of what is written on the blackboard by the tutor, the desktop sharing feature that allows us to use existing educational software and WebBoard where we can add links to other audio-visual materials, etc. That facilitates a systematic and time-effective preparation for the classes for students.

Tozai Commerce Cooperative Association

Ms. Yoshiko Mataga,
Chief of Administration Department

“A useful monitoring tool for quality assurance.”

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
Our Association provides various services to our member corporations, including issuance of ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) cards, acceptance of foreign trainees and interns, etc. We use SaasBoard to link the Association and the training sites where foreign interns learn Japanese prior to their assignment at our member companies to ensure that we provide them with appropriate support and communication.

How does SaasBoard benefit your business?
Training is provided in various locations by external instructors appointed for this purpose. We monitor each session from the Association HQ using SaasBoard to maintain consistent training quality and to ensure security. The member companies who will accept those interns are very satisfied with this system because they can rest assured that their interns are well trained regardless of different training sites. We also find the recording capability of SaasBoard very useful because we can present the recorded video as evidence of training upon request by the immigration office, as well as to help facilitate a good relationship between the companies and interns upon assignment by showing the video in advance in which the interns study so hard. We intend to use SaasBoard for other many purposes including consultation for interns and communication with the member companies.

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
We started to explore the best solution from among similar services from different providers several years ago. There were such opinions among our staff members that we should purchase services from major providers that have proven track records. We, however, decided on SaasBoard/Neuronet because of the scalability of its functionality and their skills to accommodate our needs within a short time frame.

RIDE Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hiroya Nakano,

“Enabling more information and productivity.”

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
We are mainly engaged in server rental services. We use SaasBoard as a real-time communication and monitoring tool to monitor our server rooms to ensure proper operation of servers, network devices, etc., through videos and sound transmitted by web cameras. We integrate SaasBoard with our free groupware bundled with servers, offering our customers web conferencing capabilities with unlimited use of web meeting rooms.

How does SaasBoard benefit your business?
SaasBoard allows us to communicate face-to-face through video with a greater degree of information exchange. SaasBoard’s desktop sharing capability, as well as other functions, helps us to increase our productivity in many ways. With its results proven in our workplace, we intend to promote SaasBoard further to our customers as part of our groupware.

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
Above all, its high cost performance. We were using a TV conferencing system from another vendor and based on comparison of price, performance, and functionality between the existing tool and SaasBoard, we decided on SaasBoard as it earned higher evaluation among employees.


Mr. Takashi Kozumi,
Solution Business Department

“SaasBoard changed the way of communication.”

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
One of our important services is to process 3D-CAD designs outsourced by Japanese customers through collaboration with offshore partners. We use SaasBoard to upload deliverables for customers review, provide instructions to our offshore partners, check the quality, etc.

How does SaasBoard benefit your business?
SaasBoard offers functionality such as WebBoard and web conferencing to complement email or chat-based communication, and amazingly improves the way of communication with offshore staff. SaasBoard also serves as a one-stop tool for giving instructions, maintaining change and quality check records, sharing files, etc. All these capabilities have contributed to achieving greater efficiency and results.。

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
1. SaasBoard is a cloud-based service basically requiring no upfront investment in infrastructure on our side.
2. Its high-cost performance.
3. Security issues within our intranet, which were a bottleneck in deploying SaasBoard, were addressed by system improvement on the Seaboard side. It was done just in a few days, and we were impressed with their quick action.

Waku Consulting Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hiroshi Watabe,
Managing Executive Officer

“SaasBoard eliminates travel time and cost and enables information exchange among multiple users, no matter where you are.”

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
Our main services include consulting, training, staffing and software sales. SaasBoard provides us with an ideal web conferencing and collaboration platform where we organize meetings, hold discussions and formulate ideas in executing these services. Its information sharing capability is also useful when our consultants share technological knowledge with each other and improve their skills.

How does SaasBoard benefit your business?
Although our HQ office is located in Kanagawa, many of our members are based in different locations distant from each other. SaasBoard enables them to discuss and exchange ideas over the Internet among multiple members using various documents without taking the time and money to come all the way to the office. Even when they are on the move, or in early morning or midnight, if that is the case, they don’t have to miss any important meetings as far as they have Internet access.

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
We are satisfied with its high-quality sound and smooth operation during meetings as well as its affordable pricing, no additional software required, flexibility and capability to allow external users to join a meeting.

Waseda Research Institute Corporation

Mr. Junichi Watanabe,
Executive Vice President, Waseda Research Institute Corporation
Affiliate Professor, Waseda University

“We can brainstorm using various charts and videos, while saving time, cost and energy.”

What purposes do you use SaasBoard for?
I especially appreciated the convenience and effectiveness of SaasBoard when I was traveling abroad on business and used SaasBoard to communicate with a friend in Japan. With SaasBoard, we were able to exchange ideas and complete an unfinished presentation document so quickly. As I teach at different universities, I use SaasBoard when I need to work on documents, etc., with students on a campus where I am away from. We can discuss while sharing the same desktop at the same time. I am also exploring the way to use SaasBoard for remote recruitment interviews.

How does SaasBoard benefit your work?
I am involved in multiple projects, and I need to participate in different meetings. SaasBoard is especially beneficial as I can flexibly participate in those meeting even when I am on the move; all I need is a note PC and it’s a virtual meeting space for me. We can brainstorm using various charts and videos and organize thoughts and ideas, and we have been achieving satisfactory results, thanks to SaasBoard. Another significant advantage is that SaasBoard save time, cost and energy for us.

What were the key factors in deploying SaasBoard?
There are no upfront investments, and the monthly rate is much more affordable than other vendors’ services, which makes it easier for me to invite others whom I want to collaborate with. One of SaasBoard’s advantages is that it allows us to link to other people beyond organizational and geographical boundaries. I hope more people use SaasBoard so more people can link to each other, leading to an even wider breadth of services. I hope to find my own new ways to use SaasBoard as I continue to use it and enjoy my work in a more productive way.