Web meeting | Course & Price


Two courses that can fit any type of business

The user (location) license type: Web collaboration is possible freely with various users (locations) who have ID.

  • No initial cost; only a monthly fee of $29.9 minimum.
  • Web meeting & information sharing not just among colleagues, but also with users from other companies.
  • International use; You can choose Japanese or English.

This Collabo type is recommended for the collaboration-oriented people whose activities are respected. Each person (location) can collaborate easily with others (locations) who have IDs by holding web meetings freely in this Collabo type.
The monthly fee per ID is $2,980 yen. The number of meeting rooms is unlimited in this Collabo type, so you can hold simultaneous meetings.
In this Collabo type, each person (location) has an account on the social media platform of SaasBoard. This social media platform supports active knowledge workers strongly by functions such as messaging, calendar and the friend/group invitation, which will drive your business.

The meeting room license type: Users in various places share one meeting room.

  • No initial cost; only a minimum monthly rate of $99 for one meeting room.
  • An Unlimited number of conference organizers.
  • Inviting participants via e-mail; easy organizing and participating in SaasBoard web meetings.

You can invite people inside and outside your organization simply by e-mail. In this Room type of SaasBoard, any person without ID can participate in a web meeting. This type is similar to real meeting rooms at offices, as to book the meeting rooms avoiding double-bookings. We offer some courses in SaasBoard/Room based on the number of simultaneous connections, which increase by 3 every course such as Room3, Room6, Room9. The maximum connections at the same time are 100. The number of conference/meeting organizers is unlimited. After the meeting, you can delete all information automatically in order not to leave important information for security (you can also choose to record and reserve information by setting).

How to choose the course

[Step 1] Choose your course from the table below. Meeting room type, or ID type?
License type and course name Meeting room type: SaasBoard Room ID type: SaasBoard Collabo
Contract unit Per meeting room Per ID (If you have more than 5 IDs, we will provide your company’s original site.)
Who can hold a meeting and invite participants? The conference/meeting organizer. Your company’s meeting system administrator can be registered as a conference/meeting organizer unlimitedly. Each ID owner.
How many meetings at the same time The number of contracts. If you have one contract (room), you can hold one meeting. The number of registered IDs.
How to invite participants to the meeting By e-mail. Thus you can also invite a person who does’t have ID. By an ID name. Thus you can invite all ID holders in any type of SaasBorad service.
The type of each user’s platform Meeting room reservation platform Social media platform
[Step 2] Do you need a remote desktop (screen/desktop sharing) function?
  • Standard type → Documents can be shared on the Web board
  • Remote desktop option added → More types of information can be shared (ex. PowerPoint animation)
[Step 3-1] The meeting room license type “Room”:
choose the number of the maximum seats of the meeting room (the number of the simultaneous PC connection)
  • 6 maximum simultaneous connection → Room6
  • 9 maximum simultaneous connection → Room9
  • 18 maximum simultaneous connection → Room18
  • 36 maximum simultaneous connection → Room36
  • 50 maximum simultaneous connection → Room50
  • 100 maximum simultaneous connection → Room100
*There are more courses every 3 more numbers of simultaneous connection.
[Step 3-2] The user (location) license type “Collabo”:
choose the number of IDs to distribute to each person (each location).
  • The number of IDs is less than 4 (ex.small office) → Personal course, contract the necessary number of IDs.
  • The number of IDs is more than 5 (ex.big company) → Collabo course, contract the necessary number of IDs.
*In Collabo type, you can choose optional functions even after making the contract.


SaasBoard Room6 SaasBoard Collabo5
The monthly fee $99/month (tax-excluded)
Initial expense $0
[Room6Lite specification]
– The number of simultaneous connection is 6.
– The number of IDs register is unlimited.
– 24/7 available (monthly fee is fixed).
– Video, sound, documents sharing, synchronized presentation, text chat, recording, social media platform.
*The price of various Room courses is here
*The price of optional functions is here
Monthly fee $29.9/month (tax-excluded)
Initial expense $0
[Collabo5Lite specification]
– The number of IDs is 5.
– The number of simultaneous connection is 5 (Maximum is 9).
– The number of simultaneous parallel meetings is unlimited.
– 24/7 available (monthly fee is fixed).
– Video, sound, documents sharing, synchronized presentation, text chat, recording, social media platform.
*The price of various Collabo courses is here
*The price of optional functions is here
Price comparison with the other companies’ web meeting systems.
The low-priced/good cost-performance of SaasBoard is obvious when comparing to other companies’ web meeting systems.
This comparison chart includes the hidden cost of other companies.


Price of each Room type courses
(The digit after “Room” is the number of simultaneous connection)
Room 6 Room 9 Room 18 Room 36 Room 50 Room 100
6 connection 9 connection 18 connection 36 connection 50 connection 100 connection
Monthly fee ¥18,000 ¥27,000 ¥58,000 ¥88,000 ¥148,000 ¥298,000
Initial expense $0
Minimum term of contract 12 months
(3/6 Months unit is also available: See more information)
Payment Bank transfer or automatic bank debit


Price of each Collabo type courses
Courses Free Personal Collabo
Free of charge For small scale business or individuals For general corporations
Characteristic Free meeting (up to 3 people) Contract by 1ID and monthly.
No additional options
Provide the original ‘society’. You can run the system in your independent site environment.
Monthly fee
(per person/location)
$0 ¥2,980 $29.9~
(from 5 ID)
Initial expense
(per person/location)
Monthly fee for added ID
(per person/location)
¥2,980/ID ¥2,980
× the number of using ID
Contract Anyone can
start now
from here!
Monthly (credit card payment)

Yearly (A lump‐sum payment once a year by bank transfer)

Yearly (12months)

Monthly unit is also available: See more information

Payment Credit card payment (PayPal)
A lump‐sum payment once a year by bank transfer.
Bank transfer or automatic bank debit


Optional functions price list

*These functions can be added to Collabo and Room, not to Personal course and Free course.

Telephone support Support for problems and questions on the phone. The support by e-mail is free.
– The shortest term of the contract is one year. Monthly payment system.
– The monthly fee: 5,000 yen (In case you make a contract of Collabo/Room type at the same time.)
– The monthly fee: 10,000 yen (In case you already have a contract of Collabo/Room type.)
– The number of telephone support is maximum 30 times a year.
– The telephone support is available on business hours (from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays except for public holidays). On another time, we support you by e-mail.
*We highly recommend adding this option in case of emergency.
Remote desktop
screen sharing
option (add afterward)
●A remote desktop screen sharing option (add afterward):
This option is to add a remote desktop screen sharing function to the standard course.
Collabo type: 2,000yen/month x the number of IDs
Room type: 2,000yen/month x the number of Room connections
*We provide this option to Collabo type and Room type.
*This option is applied to all the IDs you use. You can’t choose some IDs to apply partially.
*You can’t add this option to Personal course after you already started the course.
*If you want to add this function to Personal course, you need to cancel it once and contract the course with this function again.
Download the recording ●Recording data can be downloaded from our server to the local PC
Collabo type: 1,000yen/month × the number of IDs
Room type: 1,000yen/month × Room connection
For example, the following prices will be added to the standard course.
– Collabo course 5 ID
1,000yen/month × 5(ID) = 5,000yen/month
– Room9 course
1,000yen/month × 9connections = 9,000yen/month
*For Room course, the fee will be charged monthly for the registered number of Room connection (the digit after “Room”) x the number of Room.
*For Collabo course, the fee will be charged monthly for total number of registered IDs.
*We don’t provide this option to Personal course.
Additional ID option ●An additional ID option:
This option is to add an ID to Collabo course and Personal course.
1 ID monthly fee: $29.9 *If other options have been already added to your contract, the option’s price is added to this $29.9.
Other options are here

Free course of SaasBoard

This free course of SaasBoard is for individuals.

It can be used without a time limit, but some functions such as recording and screen/desktop sharing are not available.

You can hold a web meeting with up to three Free users.
You can begin this course by 1 ID, and invite 2 people to the meeting by e-mail.

▷ Registration/login for Free course is here ◁

Our pricing policy

Web conferencing tools should be available for anyone at a low price.

In the near future, web conferencing will be a standard communication tool like telephone or e-mail not only in the business world but also in social infrastructure. Web conferencing tools should be affordable to everyone if they become to play a major role in our everyday life, just like electricity, gas, and water. This is why we offer a very competitive price range starting as low as $29.9.

Our low pricing is realized through cost reduction and long-term small profits.

Our belief is “One of the key purposes and advantages of web conferencing are to help businesses significantly reduce cost”. This belief has been reflected in our regularly-held seminars whose main theme is “A Dramatic Cost Reduction”. In order for Shoemakers’ children not to go barefoot, we have actually reduced our operating cost and eliminated unnecessary expense compared to other vendors by demonstrating telework using SaasBoard.

We realize this low pricing by reducing our operating cost and small profit per user. We expect to make profit gradually by making long-term relationships with customers, instead of focusing on short-term profits. We reflect our management efforts into prices.

This is how we realize our miraculous prices, and we continue to commit to reduce our internal cost and ensure that our customers receive the lowest price possible at all times. We firmly believe that this commitment and our continuous efforts will contribute to better development of broader society.