Web meeting | Service Competition List

Service Competition List

Web meeting services’ functions & price comparison is all in here!
Use this document to share information about Web meeting in your company
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Feature comparison among Web meeting services

Good usability and smooth synchronization. The participants don’t need to do anything because the presenter can manipulate participants’ screens simultaneously (the Presenter function). You can share many types of files and contents with strong Web board function. Low-cost high-quality service. SaasBoard is the only service that offers both ID type and Room type. SaasBoard works stable because of the strongest security in the industry and multiple sites of data centers. Supported languages are Japanese and English. The smartphone is available as default. In ROOM type course, the number of meeting owners is unlimited. Anyone who doesn’t have ID also can participate in the meeting by e-mail invitation. Multi-award-winning including awards from the Japanese government.

The largest company in the industry right now. It has a system linkage option to the TV meeting system of Polycom, Inc. Weak points are that the total cost is relatively high because the initial expense and sharing screen function are not free, and the number of the simultaneous meeting is limited because it is a Room type. You need to download a special program for the use of sharing screen function. It doesn’t provide ID type course. The number of registration of the meeting owner who can hold the meeting is limited. You can’t play videos or music on the whiteboard. The size of the whiteboard is fixed so it will be a trouble when you put many objects on it.

This service is provided by NTT group company (NTT is the leading company of telecommunications carrier). The strong features are “the noise echo canceler function” which was self-developed and cutting-edge technology, “the page view function” which is useful when you search the documents at a meeting, “simultaneous sharing file function” which you can share multiple files at the same time. It is not suited for a meeting with many people because the maximum number of participants (locations) per room is 32. The Initial expense is relatively high.

The maximum number of participants for the ASP version is 20. If you want to invite more people, there is an option called “seminar type” which maximum 1,000 people can join. The monthly fee is relatively low, but the initial expense and optional function such as “screen/application sharing” are expensive. You need to install ActiveX for the first time. MacOS is not supported. It’d be better to consider that only Windows is supported for security reasons because it’s ActiveX that controls install.

About 3,000 companies have installed FreshVoicee by 2013. The strong feature is the usability-first design such as the simple interface and the function of calling all locations by one click. It can link to a TV meeting system. There are two service plans along with the image quality. The maximum number of connection is 50. The weak point is that the initial expense and optional cost like HD option are expensive.

SOBA mieruka
The university research group mainly from Kyoto university started this business in 2001. It provides peer-to-peer ASP service. The initial expense is free. The minimum number of the contract is 5 IDs (*the minimum term is 3 months). The maximum number of connection is 50. The running cost is low because the monthly fee is relatively cheap, but you need to be careful about security if you use it for companies because it is peer-to-peer.

EyeVision offer “the Integrated Visual Communication System” with voice/video chat, TV meeting, business messenger and live streaming on one software. Some public offices, medical institutions, and broadcasting stations are using it. It supports the multi-display. Both initial expense and monthly fee are expensive, and an additional cost will be charged for smart devices.

MoraVideo Conference
After ITX,Inc. developed, MoraVideo Conference was bought out by Olympus group in 2000 and sold off to Japan Industrial Partners in 2013. Now its core business is sales of mobile devices. The monthly fee is low, but the total cost is high because the initial expense and optional service are relatively high.

Live Space
This service was developed based on the video distribution technology of Willans, Inc. About 100 companies use it. This is Room type service and the maximum number of participants is 20. If you want to invite more people, you need a server contract. The monthly fee is expensive, and the additional fee will be charged per room. It doesn’t support tablet devices such as iOS and Android.

The largest computer network device developing company in the world, which has its head office in San Jose, California US. Winning the world’s top share. Brand power is strong and the network reliability is high. Customer support is available 24-7-365. They provide services in Japan by hiring agents in Japan. The number of participants is 25 per license. This service is not suitable for a small meeting because the maximum contract is 2 license in Japan. You need to download a special program to use the screen sharing function.

An IT company based in Florida, US. The free service of document sharing. The maximum number of participants is 15. The weak point is that it doesn’t have video chat which is necessary for Web meeting. They have only English site, not Japanese. You need to download the program and need to do settings. You need technical knowledge to manage. The payment currency is the US dollar.

The internet TV phone service using peer to peer technology provided by Microsoft. Maximum 25 people can join a voice chat for free. This is more like a free phone rather than a Web meeting. As a free video communication service, this is widely known and popular. It is thought that the security is weak for the company to use because it’s peer to peer. You need to download the program and do some settings.

Google Hangout
Free Gmail service. The maximum participants are 10. Once you register the account on Google+, which is an SNS provided by Google, you can use plenty of cloud services by Google for free. This is not suitable for the company (middle-sized or bigger) to use because it gets easier to be complicated since it’s designed for individual use. And there is always a risk for information leak by wrong settings about SNS grouping or public visibility.

Is SaasBoard really low price?

Isn’t there any hidden cost behind the monthly fee?

The following chart shows the total running cost of other companies’ services.
It is accually 5,000yen – 10,000yen per 1 user (1 ID or 1 location)!
There is no company who offer the service less than 5,000yen.

Meeting room type service by company V
ID type L service by company J
“Cheapest! 1,280yen/month” service
by a certain company

– 10 locations: 83,895yen/month
– Initial expense: 47,250yen
– 1 location/month: 83,895yen ÷ 10 = 8,390yen
– Convert initial expense to monthly fee: 47,250yen ÷ 12 ÷ 10 = 394yen

1 location monthly cost: 8,784yen (=8,390yen + 394yen)
Only one meeting room available at the same time(because this is the Meeting room type)
– 1 ID/month: 3,150yen
– Initial expense: 81,900yen
– 1 ID/month
– Initial expense convert to monthly fee: 81,900yen ÷ 12 = 6,825yen

1 ID monthly cost: 9,975yen (=3,150yen+6,825yen)
– 1 ID/month: 1,280yen/month
– Initial expense: 3,000yen
– Server set up: 39,800yen
– Additional meeting room: 600yen/month
– Convert Initial expense to monthly fee: 250yen (= 3,000/12)
– Server set up: 3,316yen (= 39,800/12)
– Additional meeting room: 600yen

1 ID monthly cost: 5,446yen (=1280+250+3316+600)

*Calculated monthly fee from the total cost of the first year.

SaasBoard charges no initial expense in every course. There is only the monthly fee.

The monthly cost of SaasBoard/Collabo and SaasBoard/Room per user is shown in the following chart.
The initial expense is Free. The monthly cost is 2,980yen for Collabo Lite/ID (location).


Collabo course for company (minimum 5 IDs)
5 IDs: 14,900yen/month
Initial expense: 0yen

1 ID/month
14,900yen ÷ 5 = 2,980yen
Initial expense: 0yen

1 ID monthly cost: 2,980yen
A meeting with a maximum of 9 people (connections) including yourself who have SaasBoard-ID is available.
(you can extend to 100 connections with option)
Besides the number of meeting rooms is unlimited.
You can hold multiple meetings at the same time.
Room6 course (minimum 6 people)
Monthly fee: 18,000yen/month
Initial expense: 0yen

Monthly fee per 1 seat
18,000yen ÷ 6 = 3,000yen
Initial expense: 0yen

Monthly cost per 1 seat: 3,000yen
Meeting room type is “rent a meeting room” style. There are courses from 6 to 100 along with the number of simultaneous connection and the monthly fee is different. Anyone who is invited by e-mail from the conference/meeting organizer can participate in the meeting. SaasBoard-ID is not necessary. The organizer will be assigned their ID.
The number of registration of the organizers is unlimited.

Besides, all courses of SaasBoard need no initial expense.
Only the monthly fee will be charged.

Our pricing policy

Web conferencing tools should be available for anyone at a low price.

In the near future, web conferencing will be a standard communication tool like telephone or email not only in the business world but also in social infrastructure. Web conferencing tools should be affordable to everyone if they become to play a major role in our everyday life, just like electricity, gas, and water. This is why we offer a very competitive price range starting as low as $29.9.

Our low pricing is realized through cost reduction and long-term small profits.

Our belief is “One of the key purposes and advantages of web conferencing is to help businesses significantly reduce cost.” This belief has been reflected in our regularly-held seminars whose main theme, among others, is “A Dramatic Cost Reduction.” NEURONET has been actually able to significantly reduce its operating cost and eliminate unnecessary expense compared to other vendors by demonstrating telework using SaasBoard. We really are a company of actors in its own words.

As for profit, another key element in pricing, we expect to make small profits gradually by making SaasBoard available to a wide range of people and building a long-term relationship with customers, instead of focusing on short-term profits. In this way, we reflect small profits into prices.

This is how we realize our miraculous prices, and we continue to commit to reduce our internal cost and ensure that our customers receive the lowest price possible at all times. We firmly believe that this commitment and our continuous efforts will contribute to better development of broader society.