Web meeting | 2 weeks Free Trial

2 weeks Free Trial

You can try all functions for 14 days.

You can try all the functions of SaasBoard regular paid service for free for 14 days.
It’s available from smartphones too.
Please choose one from following courses according to your usage image.

◆Share one meeting room with everyone.
◆Invite participants by e-mail.
◆The maximum number of participants is 9.

  • Lend one meeting room. You can use this room for 24 hours.
  • Invite person without ID by e-mail. You can hold the meeting with anyone.
  • The maximum number of participants is 9. You can use all functions of regular service.

◆The number of meeting rooms is unlimited.
◆Invite participants by ID name.
◆The simultaneous meeting is available.

  • Issue 3 ID for 3 people. The number of meeting rooms is unlimited. Each people can hold web meeting at the same time.
  • The meeting owner can invite participants by ID name or mail address.
  • You can try Web meetings freely with up to 4 people (locations) (three trial IDs and one invited participant by e-mail).

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